Sunday, July 05, 2009


The whole of life is completely meaningless.
Going about our business,
Trying to somehow feel that we are significant,
Trying to leave our mark.
To stand and be counted,
To say 'I was here'.
But really, its all just meaningless.

Who really notices what I do anyway?
And who really cares except me?
I delude myself into thinking I can make a difference,
I can be significant.
Really all I am trying to do is shout out to the world,
To say there is purpose in my existence.
But the only purpose in that is to satisfy my own needs.
To make myself feel worth something.

Its all really just meaningless.
A chasing after the wind.
A search for significance in a place that will forget us so quickly,
When we are gone.
What is the point in living?
I don't see the need to be here!
I know people would be sad for me if I am gone,
But except to spare them that pain,
There is no other reason to stick around.

Except that God has created me,
So he must want me here.
I don't understand why!
Is he really so loving?
If He were, would He have put us here?
I am glad He made me so I can know Him,
But I don't see the point in this world.
Bring on the next.

Is the whole of life just meaningless?
I really can't make a difference to the next.
And what is the point in spiritual growth
In being put through trials and tests to strengthen our faith,
If we are going to be perfect in heaven?
Isn't it all just meaningless?
A chasing after the wind?

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