Monday, September 11, 2006

Incredible God

Mighty Commander, all powerful King,
What can I do but look up and sing,
In worship to You God, my Saviour and Lord?
I love You King Jesus, You shall be adored.

Awesome Creator, life giving Word,
You fashioned the flower, gave voice to the bird,
Established the earth with beauty and care,
I'll remember that, Jesus, when I breathe in the air.

Omniscient Master, all knowing Sophia,
When things get confusing You see the big picture.
I'm obscuring Your counsel without having a clue,
When I question and doubt and blame all things on You.

Gracious Redeemer, merciful One,
Giving us life through the gift of Your Son.
How can I thank You for taking the pain,
But to worship You Jesus, the lamb who was slain.

Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End,
Your immeasurable glory I can't comprehend.
With spledour and glory You'll come back one day,
Till then, through my life, I hope You'll be portrayed.

Loving Father, so big yet so near,
You are my Shepherd, I've nothing to fear.
You're close to Your children, Your care's guaranteed.
I love You Lord Jesus, You're all that I need.

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Glyn said...

I'm just going through your poems. So far I've read this one and the names of God one. They're both really good. You have a gift here methinks. I'm going to read the others but I probably won't comment as it might be a bit overkill.