Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kirsty's Psalm

Lord, You are so unsearchable.
My heart longs to understand Your being, Your will and Your ways,
But my head cannot fit You in it.
You are too mind-blowingly complex to even attempt to grasp.
I try to understand a tiny fragment of Your character, but it spins off into thousands more fragments, each of which requires a depth of understanding too great for me.

Your word is a powerful force that never fails to challenge.
It is filled with wisdom and instruction for how to live our lives,
And yet there is so much that I am yet to understand.
So many questions, seeming contradictions, how can it be understood, let alone explained.

You say You love us and give us what our hearts desire, and yet the evidence of this does not always exist.
Is this true only when our hearts desires are in line with Your will?
Well then, what is Your will?

Why Lord, do You not explain it all to me?
Why do You leave my head spinning without answering my questions?
Why do You sometimes seem so silent and distant?

And yet Lord, I am reminded of Your omniscience.
You know all the answers, You see the bigger picture.
You are bigger than any imagination could dream.
There is no need for me to get answers, You know them all.
I can trust You to do what is best and right according to the bigger picture, despite what my mind seems to think.

Lord, You are so unsearchable, you are too mind-blowingly complex to even attempt to grasp.
And yet Lord, it is really all quite simple.
Love, trust and obey the Lord, for He knows all things, sees all things and will never let me down.

Lord, to You and only You I give the praise.
You understand and see, I trust and obey.
Lord, You deserve my praise,
Lord, You deserve my mind,
Lord, You deserve my heart.

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