Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Its a dark cold night Father,
Up here on this hill.
It's lonely and cold, Father
And this pain so very real.

Where have all my friends gone Father?
Why do they leave me alone?
It hurts me so much Father.
Why should this be condoned?

I'm innocent Father, innocent.
But they look at me with so much hate,
I want to make them see me Father
Before its simply too late.

Their words are crushing me Father
They jeer and scorn and spit.
They're laughing at me Father
Laughing at their apparent wit.

Do I have to bear this Father?
I am tired, and at the end
I can't hold this cross much longer
WHy haven't the angels been sent?

Where are those footprints now?
You've left me alone here Father.
But to your will I will bow.

Oh Father my heart is breaking
rejection, betrayal, denial
How would they like it Father
If they were put through this trial?

And yet I look into their eyes Father,
And I see who you made them to be,
And I'm sad for them Father, and I love them
And I remember this day is not about me.

Its about them Father, the people you love
Its about setting them free.
I look in their eyes through the jerring and laughter
And I love them and pray they may see.

Forgive them Father, Forgive them,
For they know not what they do.
They won't understand your eternal plan
Until I've seen this through.

I give you myself, My Father
This day, This moment, this hour
My spirit is yours, Death will no longer win
You'll defat it Father, through your power.

And with this final breath Father,
I cry out with all that is left
I suck in my breath, give an almighty cry

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