Thursday, September 07, 2006


Life can sometimes be painful,
It can seem too much to bear.
The struggles are so disheartening,
Our hearts burdened with care.

The world carries on regardless,
Doesn’t stop just to hear us cry.
Everything has to keep moving.
Does anyone stop to ask why?

Why are we always so busy?
Why do we wear ourselves out?
Its no wonder the low times hit us so hard,
And we cry out to God, and we shout.

I think the world is too busy,
We’ve forgotten how to be still.
We weren’t created with hearts and lives,
That God finds hard to fill.

Perhaps we should think of our Father,
Perhaps we should make time for Him.
I know He would take all the grief we bear
And refresh us from deep down within.

So now I will take time out.
I will stop trying to be everything.
I will let the Father reign in my life,
And worship my marvellous King.

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