Friday, December 08, 2006

Who am I?

You ask me the question who am I?
Well I guess I should start with my name.
But my name is in essence just a series of letters,
Surely that won’t be met with acclaim.

So what does my name represent?
What is it that makes up my being?
When I live each moment of this life I am given,
What is it that people are seeing?

I guess firstly they see my outside:
My height, my size, my hairstyle,
The colour of my eyes and the tone of my skin,
And the whiteness of my smile.

But soon after that initial impression,
My soul will start to shine through.
The things I do and the words I speak
Will start to define that ‘who’.

So the real question is what’s in my soul,
What are the parameters of ‘me’?
And can who I am be labelled that way,
Or is it supposed to be free?

Free from description and definition and such,
Free from analytical ID.
Free to pursue my goals and my dreams
Without needing to ask, ‘Is that me?’

Or is that an excuse? To hide away,
And to pretend we don’t need to ask?
Is discovering ourselves and who we are
Really our greatest task?

The truth is I know I can be labelled
Christian, analytical, deep.
I know I’m that stuff, but is that enough?
Because it actually all just feels cheap.

I guess what the question really asks,
Is if I am doing alright.
Am I the good Christian girl I ought to be?
Am I doing enough with this life?

I know we’re all made different,
I know we are each unique
But there are still expectations that have to be met,
And I don’t want to be seen to be weak.

I want to be significant
To have my own part to play
To know that I am worthy of doing my bit
To be recognised and to have my say.

Yet all this is rubbish really
Because its once again focussed on self.
Not that it doesn’t matter to God,
But our significance should not be our wealth.

If we choose to be Gods people,
Not striving to be a ‘star’.
‘Who am I’ is replaced with loving God more,
Trusting Him to shape who we are.


Liz said...

Kirsty I am moved, deeply.
2 reasons.
1) this is a personal account of YOU and I love that.
2) Your style reminds me very much of my friend Wendy who was a prolific and eclectic poem writer and towards the end of her amazing life wrote some really powerful stuff about her relationship with God. If you haven't seen it -there's normally a copy on the bookshelf in the foyer - or I have one - you really should take a look.

Kirsty said...

Thanks Liz.

I have read Wendy's poems before. They are very moving. I think I still have a copy of her poem book somewhere which I kept, otherwie I will pick one up from the hall.

Anonymous said...


Blake said...

I really liked this poem, I have been having problems lately and it really made my day :=)

IzabellaJamathin said...

Very Touching Really made my Day

IzabellaJamathin said...

Plain Beautiful Really made my Day !

Anonymous said...

this poem actually helped me write my own poem thanks

Anonymous said...

wow!that's of my QUESTIONS in life is who am i?i'm doin a cover letter for a specific job that i want and i googled who am i poems. this came up and touched my heart....thank you for you and your's people like you that God loves so much and uses to inspire others when they need it.