Saturday, February 24, 2007

How do they do it?

There are many Christian's I know
For whom faith is so simple.
They don't get dragged down by big questions
Or base faith purely on principle.

They can tell a whole congregation
That 'God is in this place'.
Or that if the shoes just don't seem to fit,
Then God will fill up the space.

They can stand there and make the claim
That God will meet every need.
They don't find it hard to say or believe
That we are best following His lead.

Its tempting to think its no deeper than words.
To think they have never questioned
Whether these were beliefs stored in the depths of their hearts
Or if they're just surface deceptions.

But when I watch as they speak
And look at the truth in their eyes.
I have to conclude that they truly believe
And God's love fills the whole of their lives.

That fills me with so much more hope.
Seeing that someones experience is real.
Its through them I can see that God really is here,
And that his arms are outstretched to heal.

I am filled with a deep admiration.
How do they do it I ask?
How do they find such a simple real faith?
Should I make that my task?

1 comment:

Dawn said...

That's great Kirsty. I have to say I get cross sometimes as I don't question enough, and put too much down to God filling that sapce. But when your spiritual gift is faith, what can you do?!