Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Bridge

Alone I stand in terror and confusion,
At that great gap between God and man.
How do I get across to meet Him?
I wonder if I even can.

More and more concrete falls away,
Making the gap unbridgeable.
I stumble as I run back to the darkness,
Looking for something more stable.

Tearfully, quietly, I pray.
Lord let me see You, Let me know You.
I want to love You, and obey You,
Lord help me through.

Suddenly before me I see the cross,
Wedged in the gap as a bridge.
I pray in sorrow for my blindness and sin,
For I know the cross was there from the start.

At that cross I come and kneel,
And sense my Saviours hand.
He picks me up, He lifts my head,
Enables me to stand.

This is the God I adore,
The Lord who took the fall,
To bridge that gap between man and God.
So I gladly present Him my all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your talents and committment.
God bless.
Ron J.