Sunday, April 12, 2009

They didn't recognise me.

I am told that the trouble started before my second year.
The authorities got scared choosing death to calm their fear.
They killed the young boys to get rid of me but what they didn't see,
Was that my kingship would save their souls. They didn't recognise me.

During my ministry I was popular - a real hit with the crowd.
The parables, the miracles, the cheering could make one proud.
But what bothered me more than anything was what they didn't see,
They didn't know me as Saviour - they didn't recognise me.

The Jews had been waiting long and hard for their long expected king,
And when I arrived, humble and mild they didn't suspect a thing.
They wanted a king who'd make their nation stong, but what they didn't see,
Was that my Kingdom was not of their world - they didn't recognise me.

When finally the leaders jealousy took its hold within their head.
They made their choice to kill me, they desperately wanted me dead.
They thought they were killing a threat to their power but what they didn't see,
Was that I came to set them free - they didn't recognise me.

When my Father raised me to life, my Mary found the tomb,
She saw that it was empty and was immediately filled with gloom,
When I appeared I comforted her, but what she couldn't see,
Was that death had been defeated - she didn't recognise me.

I walked along the Emaues road with two followers of mine,
They were telling me about my own death and were upset about the crime.
They knew and loved me well enough, but what they couldn't see,
Was the power I hold over death - they didn't recognise me.

And then I met poor Thomas - well meaning but in distress,
I told him I had been raised to life - that I had defeated death,
He looked at me and wanted to believe but what he couldn't see,
Was that faith without sight is truly blessed - he didn't recognise me.

Now from my seat in heaven, I look upon the earth,
And still I see so much disbelief - people still doubting their worth.
They are my Fathers Children, but what they don't seem to see,
Is that I came to save them - they refuse to recognise me.

And what about today - right here - right now, as I speak.
Are you one of those doubters? Are you afraid of appearing weak?
I ask you now to give me a chance - please don't fail to see,
That I love you my child, my precious child - will you choose to recognise me?

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