Thursday, September 07, 2006

I laugh

Jesus I kneel in wonder, thinking,
Of your precious gift – the cross.
I am stunned at the mercy & grace I find in You,
Oh loving God, I can’t thank You enough.

Its easy to become too accustomed to Your sacrifice,
So easy to lose the wonder of it all.
I often forget to be amazed at the very thought of You dying for my sins,
Oh Lord, help me to cherish it more dearly.

It started that first Christmas,
When You left Your holy dwelling place.
When You loved us enough to come to this world of suffering & sin,
And humble Yourself , just for our sake.

Then You grew up, a humble, lowly life,
As a carpenter.
You challenged the views of those in authority,
You shattered illegitimate preconceptions of the poor & meek,
You gave the world a new theology, filled with truth and love.

And though You put yourself into such a position for the benefit of the world,
The world despised You,
And threw it all back in Your face,
And You, You never said a word.
You took the suffering, and endured the pain, silently as a lamb.

The crowds of people You chose to love,
Laughed at You as You gave them the most precious gift ever known:
The gift of life, through Your death on a cross.
And they laughed.

Jesus, every time I sin,
Every time a foul word comes from my mouth,
Every time an impure thought enters my mind,
Every time my actions hurt the ones You love,
I become part of that crowd,
And I laugh.

Every time I choose to disobey You,
I mock You,
I laugh at You,
I reject You.
Every time I do anything, or think anything, or say anything, which is not founded on the love of God, and sharing that love with others,
I spit at You on Your way to the cross,
And I laugh.

Yet You look at me and say, Kirsty, I love You.
I forgive You.
Accept my gift of life through my death.
Let me love you, care for you.
Let me call you “My Child”.

Oh Jesus, how can I comprehend such a love?
I thankyou with all my heart and I’m sorry for my sin.
Help me to live by Your will.
Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, Thank You Jesus.

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