Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who Are You God?

Who are you God, I hear myself ask,
What's your relationship with me?
How so I picture you? How do I pray?
What will help me to see?

I know you are God, awesome and big,
Creator, all powerful King.
I know so much about who You are,
The truths about which we sing.

I have learned a lot through reading your word,
Debating and discussing its meaning,
And whilst that's all good, its just not enough,
Its left me cold and without feeling.

I want you God, I love you God,
I want to be closer to You.
I want to know You deep in my heart.
I want this faith to be true.

My deepest request, my hearts deepest yearning,
Is to know You, to see You, to feel You.
Make yourself real to me God, if You're there,
Make this my experience too.

Show thyself to me, Lord,
Show thyself to me,
Poor unworthy me, yes even me.
Pardon every sin, Lord,
Cleanse me from within, Lord,
Then I from this hour will follow thee.

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