Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who are You Lord?

I watch you from a distance,
Sitting there, eyes closed,
Mouthing words but not making a sound.
I look at you sitting there,
And I ponder as I watch,
Who are you speaking to?
WHat are you saying?
Are you trying to picture the object of your attention?
Are you thinking about the words,
Or Him to whom you are praying?
Can you actually hear Him?
Can you actually feel Him?
How do you know He is there?
Do you truly know Him?
Do you truly know Him?
Who is it you speak to?

I sit in my room quietly,
Stopping for a brief moment in time,
Letting my mind go quiet,
My thoughts be still,
And I fix my attention...but on what?
On whom?
I start to speak some words,
Making requests, giving praise,
But who am I speaking to?
Who is my attention fixed on?
Do I truly know Him?
Do I truly feel Him?
How can I pray to one whom I do not know?
Whom I do not feel?
Whom I can't picture or imagine?
I most certainly believe in Him,
But do I know Him?

Omniscient father, omnipotent creator,
Omniscient spirit, King of Kings,
Father of all, my faithful Lord,
Saviour, creator, king.
Ruler, high priest, all holy, all loving.
Wonderful counsellor, perfectly just judge,
Mighty redeemer, precious Lord,
Perfect peace giver, everlasting one,
Alpha, omega, beginning and end.
Trustworthy master, gentle shepherd,
Baner, protector, light of the world.
The great I am, the fire, the whisper,
Beatiful Jesus, word of God,
Most worthy of all, master and Lord.
Jehovah M'Kaddesh,
Jehovah Tsidkenu,
Jehovah Nissi,
Jehovah Rohi,
Jehovah Jireh,
Jehova Rophe,
Jehova Shammah,
Jehova Shalom.

Who are you Lord?


Jo said...

Hi Kirtsy,

I just wondered if I could use this poem for a reflection in a sermon on Paul's conversion in a couple of weeks time (I'm still at the stage where I am praying and reflecting on what to do...).

The two central questions being:

1) "Who are You Lord?"
2) "What shall I do, Lord?"


Kirst said...

Of course you may use it. I hope it goes well. It sounds very interesting.