Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Desert Place

The sand crunches beneath my feet as I walk,
Painfully pressing into my skin.
Burning fire with every step I take,
And as I walk, the light gets dim.

The darkness only exemplifies the loneliness,
And opens my mind up to fears.
My dry, parched throat cries out for water,
And my eyes cry moistureless tears.

In the darkness I spot a glistening,
Wide eyed, I take in the scene.
A gushing spring, fruit trees and grass,
The most beautiful sight I have seen.

In that moment I think I'll be alright,
That already I'm on the mend.
But walking to it I find its an illusion,
Will this desert place have any end?

What is this rain we should rejoice in?
Is it God, cuddling His daughter?
I want to rejoice in the rain, getting soaked,
But I cannot find any water.

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