Friday, April 18, 2008


I believe in you God, I think.
I don't understand,
The world seems unplanned,
But I trust in you God, I think.

I want to believe in you God.
I'm hurting and scared,
In chains and ensnared,
But I want to trust in you God.

I need to know this is real.
Not just emotion and hype
Not made up tripe,
Jesus, can I trust its all real?

I still love you Father, I do.
But where are you Lord?
The God I adored?
I want to still love You, I do.

1 comment:

CHARLAX said...

Yes JESUS loves me.
Yes JESUS loves me.
Yes Jesus Loves ME

Jesus loves me this eye knoe cause my BIBLE tells me so Little children to him run full of life and full of love. Alien that the eye become has doubts when others suffer some. Friend of daughter needs him now friend of mother and of father and of others seeming hard. Love never leaving but now questing some. Yes Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the ewe HE loves the daughter too, and friends of them as well even may not seem to be that way to them. Can eye keep the love of JESUS yes eye can.
Jesus loves the little children all the children in the world read yellow black and white they are living threw the nite Jesus loves the little children of the world. Jesus loves this changer eye become this new and different creature and he loves the loves eye love. Yes JESUS loves me.